News from the World of Electronics Manufacturing

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Here’s our round up of some eye catching stories from the world of electronics and contract electronics manufacturing

First up right at the cutting edge it’s news of grants awarded by the EU for the exploitation of graphene, first invented by scientists who now work just down the road from us at Manchester University.

Research projects investigating the “miracle material” graphene and the human brain have won unprecedented funding of up to 1bn euros each.

Under the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technologies programme, the backing is designed to give Europe an edge in key areas of research.

Possible applications include flexible electronics and lighter aircraft.

One of the problems with the development of new electronics products is that for some they are fashion items that are thrown away before the end of their useful life.

An interesting partnership in the US aims to tackle this in a positive way reports Electronics Weekly

The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI),  is partnering with Purdue  and Tuskegee Universities to replace conventional electronics with more sustainable technologies.

The programme combines education and training of future engineers with research to develop new, more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

“The rapid, global proliferation of smart phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices has connected the world in positive ways, but the electronic waste is literally piling up,” said Carol Handwerker, Purdue’s Professor of Materials Engineering

A little closer to home, it was pleasing to see that the electronics sector in Scotland improved its exports figures slightly in the latest figures released by the Scottish Government.

Exports by the computer, electronic and optical products manufacturing sub-sector totalled £1.43bn in 2011, up slightly from £1.415bn in 2010.

Staying with the subject of exports in the electronics manufacturing sector, we are pleased to note that local “Zero Client Computing” company Sunde Technologies is amongst UK companies about to set off on a trade mission to India.

The UK’s best digital, wireless and mobile software technology companies have been awarded their place on Web Mission 2013, an entrepreneur-led mission to India, to accelerate their business in the growing Indian market.

The companies were selected for their innovative business models, products and services that can provide solutions for areas such as the healthcare, education, and energy sectors to the low income groups and the emerging middle classes. As India continues to experience social and business changes, this Mission will showcase the significant opportunities for UK businesses representing these sectors.

Good luck to all the companies involved, especially Sunde, a really interesting business with a great set of products.

Stay tuned for more updates from the worlds of electronics manufacturing soon.

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