Social Enterprise Ability Tec in the Spotlight at Conference

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The Ability Tec story is to feature at the prestigious Welfare to Work Conference in Manchester next week.

The story of how Ability Tec came to be created and the first company to re-open one of the Remploy factories closed by the Government is the subject of an event at the Welfare to Work Conference at Manchester Central on 10th July at 3pm.

The conference will hear how the creation of  Ability Tec as a new social enterprise has re-opened the factory and is now winning new orders in the competitive world of contract electronic manufacturing. The theme of the event is that social enterprise and a hard commercial edge are not opposite ends of the scale.

Local Business Partners which provides part-time directors of finance, HR and marketing was approached by Greater Manchester Chamber to try to rescue the Remploy Electronics factory in Bolton.

 “Ability Tec is proof that by efficiently deploying skills from the commercial sector, social benefits can be created for employees and the the wider community” says Oli Randell of Local Business Partners who acts as part-time MD of Ability Tec.

Randell explains that when he took the initial call it didn’t sound promising: “But when I saw the commitment of the people and looked at the underlying strengths of the business I thought we were in with a chance.

“What we have done since is apply best practice from large, high performing businesses to a social start-up We are now seeking to build on our initial work force of seven as new customers come on board.

“We believe our model can be applied more widely within the social enterprise sector and we are using this platform to share that knowledge and connect with others who might benefit from what Ability Tec and Local Business Partners have achieved together.”

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