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Contract Electronics Manufacturing

The Ability Tec factory in Bolton

Ability Tec provides customers seeking a high quality contract electronics manufacturing supplier with production capabilities based on the latest manufacturing assets and testing equipment.

Our main services are:

The Bolton factory operates a modern in-line SMT assembly facility and capabilities include:

  • Single to multi-layered boards
  • Lead-free processes
  • 0201 to 0.012″ XFP
  • 1 to 2000 comps. per board/biscuit
  • BGA placement, inspection and rework
  • Analogue, digital, RF and mixed designs
  • Single and double side assemblies
  • Intrusive re-flow and selective wave solder
  • No clean process and cleaning processor

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

E-Mech Assembly / Box Build / Turnkey

Ability Tec’s PCB assembly service is complemented by an electro-mechanical production capability that ranges from single assembly of component parts, through full box build, to complex ‘turnkey’ final system build and test.

We can scale a solution, offering significant improvements in cycle time, reliability, flexibility and responsiveness.

We operate assembly lines suitable for the placement of Conventional Through Hole Plated (THP) components. Capabilities include:

  • Dedicated Wave Solder Facilities
  • RoHS Compliant and Non Compliant Facilities
  • Component Pre-forming
  • Light Guided Component Placement
  • Automatic Insertion
  • Flow Line Assembly
  • Automated Cropping

PCB Inspection and Testing

PCB Inspection and Testing

Our programme of investment in the latest inspection and test equipment means we can provide a full range of automatic and manual quality and performance checking, PCB inspection and testing services.

Capabilities in this area include:

  • ATE – Scorpion Double Sided Flying Probe, much more economical and flexible than a bespoke ‘bed of nails’ test fixture.
  • AOI – Automatic Optical Inspection, state of the art system capable of in depth analysis of final build compatibility detecting a multitude of faults.
  • Functional Testing.

Design for Manufacture

Design for Manufacture

We welcome the opportunity to work with customers at the development stage on manufacturing performance, helping to ensure that the product is designed for manufacture.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in evaluating and assisting in the manufacturability of a product. We can advise on ensuring the design includes consideration of ease of manufacture and how it may perform through its various assembly stages. This input can have a great impact on cost of manufacture and product reliability.

Other Services

Other Services

Prototyping: We offer prototyping turnaround times to meet your requirements. Our engineers are also available to offer Design for Manufacture support.

Packaging: Working with customers to provide complete product finishing and pack.

Logistics: Complete logistics and distribution support.

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